Guided tour through Arboretum De Dreijen

Guided tour through Arboretum De Dreijen

Walking through botanical garden De Dreijen is a true experience!
Every time you discover new views with beautiful trees, bushes and flowers. Upon taking a closer look you are amazed at the wonderful world of plant life. What about a tree trunk full of bushes of long spines, like there are on cacti? Or a tree of white 'handkerchiefs', which turn out to be flowers?


Arboretum De Dreijen has a long history. Its creation in 1895 was an initiative of the Rijkslandbouwschool, a forerunner of what is now Wageningen University. Leonard Springer, one of the best-known landscapers of his time, and a great connoisseur of trees and shrubs, got the assignment for the garden. He was inspired by the English landscape architecture that is still recognizable today: crown paths between the lawns, hydrangeas, and a beautiful rock garden with pond. The Pinetum created in 2013 was also designed in this style.


You can book a tour of the arboretum's most beautiful pears with one of our gardeners, who has been connected to Arboretum de Dreijen for more than 30 years. You will see special trees and plants that have been here for more than a hundred years!
The tour is held on Thursdays in the even weeks of the year, from 1.30 to 3.00PM.
Costs are € 7,50 - pp. Please refer to the this Dutch page to sign up.

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