The museum shop of Sculpture Gallery Het Depot
In this beautiful space you can purchase catalogues and monographs relating to the sculptors that are exhibited in the gallery or have been in the past. Also on sale here are small sculptures and jewellery created by the artists. Het Depot’s selection of postcards, for which there has always been great demand, has been expanded. Apart from the featured sculptors, sculpture and art in general, the main focus points of the shop are nature and gardens. Because Het Depot's restaurant, Linnaeus, specialises in slow-food and vegetables, a wide range of related cookery books is also available. In the arboreta De Dreijen and Hinkeloord trees and flowers are the central focus, so naturally floral scents and soaps are also among the products you can find in our shop.
Apart from books about nature and art, items for children include flower presses and bug observation boxes, which they can use to study insects they have found under a magnifying glass before letting them go again.

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