Sculpture Gallery Het Depot offers various educational activities. Elementary schools can visit the sculpture gallery for two main programs. High school classes can also visit the sculpture gallery. Finally, individual students are always welcome at Het Depot during regular opening hours.


Children's Studio Villa Vleermuis

Activities for elementary school students are centered around Children's Studio Villa Vleermuis. The Children's Studio is located in the former Wageningen University library on the Het Depot grounds. The name 'Villa Vleermuis', or Bat Villa, refers to the protected bats that made their home in the adjacent reception building of Het Depot. The building has been fully renovated and adapted to its new educational purpose. Colorful and full of all the amenities for an informative afternoon!


Inspired by Villa Vleermuis, Sculpture Gallery Het Depot also published the children's book De Vleermuis en de Banaan (The Bat and the Banana, only in Dutch). The book is available in our store.

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