Themed Exhibition


October 1, 2017 - March 25, 2018

Themed exhibition on Fertility
Sunday October 1st 2017 - Sunday March 28th 2018


The themed exhibition will be devoted to the subject of Fertility. The sculptures featured are by a group of sculptors who are regular contributors to Het Depot. Sculptures made from wood, stone, ceramic, marble and textiles will engage in dialogue with each other and with the surrounding space.
The exhibition includes several sculptures by teja van hoften and Petra Boshart that have never before been seen in Het Depot.
In the sculptures exhibited, the artists make allusions to sexuality, as well as maturity, expectation and serenity.
There will also be lectures and concerts on the theme of Fertility. In a series of three concerts, all held on or around the full moon, you will hear songs to the moon, see depictions of fertility and experience an immaculate birth heralded in music.

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