to Sculpture Gallery Het Depot

Laura Eckert

Solo exhibition

April 9 through September 24, 2023

Natasja Bennink

Solo exhibition

June 11, 2023 through January 28, 2024


Hinkeloord and De Dreijen

Permanent Exhibition

Emile van der Kruk

Permanent exhibition

Eja Siepman van den Berg

Permanent exhibition

Welcome to Sculpture Gallery Het Depot

Sculpture Gallery Het Depot is a museological stage for contemporary sculpture and puts the artist’s development opportunities center stage: by people, for people. The collection of sculptures consists of torsos and fragments of the human body.


Sculpture Gallery Het Depot has three locations, connected by Arboretum De Dreijen. Villa Hinkeloord features a permanent exhibition of work by Eja Siepman van den Berg and temporary exhibitions in the downstairs space. Arboretum Hinkeloord is also part of this location of Het Depot. The main building showcases exhibitions of work by contemporary sculptors and an exhibition on both arboreta. Our building De Peppel houses a permanent exhibition of work by Emile van der Kruk, to be opened in March 2022. We also offer educational programs for schools in De Peppel.


The Het Depot Foundation exploits the following activities:

  • Sculpture Gallery Het Depot: a permanent exhibition of contemporary sculpture featuring torsos and fragments of torsos
  • Solo and themed exhibitions in Sculpture Gallery Het Depot
  • Educational guided tours of Sculpture Gallery Het Depot for institutions, private parties and educational institutions
  • Lectures and symposia on sculpture and related themes
  • Publishing monographs of sculptors
  • Providing grants to sculptors
  • Providing sculptors with commissions


The activities of foundation Het Depot are made possible by the Utopa Foundation. The aim of the Utopa Foundation is to stimulate and promote the creative talents of people, particularly those whose potential goes unrecognised for whatever reason.


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The Utopa Foundation realises and stimulates the creative talents of people
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