Knut Steen

Knut Steen (1924 – 2011) was a prominent Norse sculptor, illustrator and graphic artist. In addition to his illustration and graphic work, he focused on creating marble and bronze sculptures. Concerning his work, Steen said: “I have three uncontrollable compulsions. I want to see marble float, I want to feel bronze move in my hand, and I want to see something alive jump from paper.”


Many of his sculptures are in Sandefjord, Norway. When Knut met the chair of Het Depot, they took a walk and discussed the creation of a torso for the Sculpture Gallery. Knut found an aspen leaf, and folded in his hand it reminded him of a female torso. This was the inspiration for the sculpture Female Torso.


Female Torso

Female Torso

2001, marmer 140